Green Guard Lawn Care offers many different services and we are certain to have one that fits your need and budget.


Do you need weekly lawn maintanance to ensure your yard is the envey of the neighborhood? Or are you interested in stepping it up a notch with professional landscaping to create an area that is pristine and beautiful. Or perhaps your needs fall in the more safety conscious area of snow and ice removal. Whatever your needs, Green Guard Lawn Care is ready to serve you.

Our standard lawn maintenance program consists of weekly lawn mowing, edge trimming and watering. Your lawn will stay healthy and green for the entire summer!


Weekly Mowing

Frequent mowing can help a lawn resist weeds, insects and disease. Infrequent mowing can cause too much grass to be removed at one time, producing a lawn that looks thin, spotty or burned. As a general rule, we never cut more than one-third of the length of your grass at a time.


Dethatching your lawn will keep your lawn from deteriorating and help it grow up green and thick. We will remove the excessive build up of dead roots, lawn debris and dead turf-grass crowns. De-thatching is most benificial in the spring.

Year Round Cleanup

Raking is a year round process. One of the first tasks of the growing season is to clean up lawn debris from last year. This includes leaves blown between shrubs and dry matted grass exposed after the spring thaw. Of course, the big job of the year is the fall leaf cleanup. 

Sod Installation

Sod can be used to patch an uncooperative area of lawn or to replace a lawn completely. We will remove any existing lawn, rototill, removing any weeds or debris, rake and level the area and only then install the new sod layer.


Lawn aereation is the practice of removing soil plugs from the yard. By removing the soil plugs we reduce soil compaction and help control lawn thatch. This gives your lawn room to breath and rain a place to drain. With more airflow and moisture your yard will have more of what it needs to survive. 

Green Guard Lawn Care has been dedicated to providing the best quality services possible to the Twin Cities area. We specialize in providing fair prices and high quality lawn and landscape services to all of our customers.